INDEPENDENT THEATRE: mothersmilk The Other One Productions

The Other One Productions is an independent theatre production company that was formed in 2012 by Joanne Trentini; its premiere season of mothersmilk was held at Melbourne’s iconic fortyfivedownstairs from 31 October 2012. With Joanne as writer and actor, Renee Trentini of The Winnifred Effect and Kathryn Hooper of Dallape Chant joined the team as Co-Producers.

Workshopping as a collective to ensure the right ‘hero’ image was captured by photographer Sarah Walker was central to the success of mothersmilk. The subsequent development of the marketing materials including the poster, postcard, program, and fundraising campaign was the collaborative efforts of Kathryn as graphic designer, Renee as editor and Joanne as the face of the campaign; the result is a cohesive, professional and intriguing image being presented. Notwithstanding the central aim of the marketing material was to capture the audience’s attention resulting in good ticket sales; this objective was achieved.

Attracting and capturing interest through the use of social media was a core component of the marketing strategy. The Other One Productions wanted to show a behind-the-scenes look at the production to our followers on Facebook and Twitter allowing them an inside look at the challenges – the highs and lows – faced by independent theatre producers,  a chance to meet the cast before seeing them on stage, and an introduction to the creatives such as the Director, film maker or animator. Again, the collaborative efforts of Kathryn as the social media campaigner, Renee as editor and Joanne ensuring access to rehearsals, the cast and creatives meant that we had great amounts of material we could share.

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